Custom Screen Printing

Southern Trend is different than a lot of other boutiques. We actually started out as a screen printer before we opened a boutique. Behind our store houses a full-time Screen Printing operation with a state-of-the-art 10 color automatic press. We can handle nearly any job thrown at us!

Because there are so many variables involved in screen printing t-shirts, we do not provide a generic price list. Please Contact Us to request a quote or to learn more.

We use a simple per-shirt pricing scheme. No hidden set-up or artwork fees. Below are some variables that must be considered before we can quote a shirt:


Regardless if you order a few shirts or 1000 shirts, our set-up time is the same. Therefore larger quantities will have a lower price. Please note that we are only accepting jobs with a minimum of 50 shirts.


Not all shirts are the same. Your basic 100% cotton t-shirt will be your least expensive, whereas your pocket, long sleeve or tri-blend material will be your more expensive shirt.

Print Location

The number of locations will also factor into the price of the shirt. A shirt with multiple print locations will be more expensive than a shirt with a print in one-location. Print locations are typically a large Back print and a smaller Front Left Chest print. Other locations can include sleeves, pockets, etc.

Number of Colors

A shirt with just a one-color print is going to be your cheapest. The more complex and colorful your artwork is, the higher the cost will be.


We are licensed with the Collegiate Licensing Company to print apparel for the University of Arkansas. We are also Greek Licensed to print for your fraternity or sorority. Designs will still have to go through the proper channels to be approved before printing.